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This is a popular class and will give you better hunting and target shooting results.  I strongly recommend taking this class with a .22 rifle, as you will be shooting 150-200+ rounds. If you do not have a .22, I can provide one for you.  A .22 will save you a lot of money on ammo and will be a good bit easier on your shoulder.  All of what you will learn will translate to larger caliber rifles.    We can accommodate other caliber rifles if you prefer. You will learn solid fundamentals with open sights, shooting from non supported positions. Once you master these, you will get the most out of your optics, etc., and will be an accurate, safe shooter in whatever discipline you choose. 

You will learn:

  • Firearm safety and range rules
  • How to disassemble, clean and maintain YOUR rifle.
  • If you don't own a rifle, one will be supplied for you to choose from, and help you select a type that fits you and your needs/skill sets.
  • Proper sight picture, and where to place on target. 
  • Target acquisition with open sights
  • Trigger control & trigger discipline
  • How to properly use a sling (not just for carrying your rifle!)
  • Proper prone, sitting, kneeling, standing positions for your body type
  • How to safely clear a malfunction
  • Ammo checks & sighting in
  • Proper breathing, timing the shot
  • Follow through

What to bring:

A positive attitude, eye and hear protection, your rifle, at least 200 rounds of ammunition, appropriate dress for the weather - the range times will be outdoors. If you need a rifle, it will be supplied at a small fee, and ammunition is an extra charge (depending on caliber and quantity used)

The class is 3-5 hours:

  •  $80/student - up to 5 students. (Family discount available)
  • $150/student - individual.
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